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March, 28th - 2017

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Virtual land a'hoy! This huge expansion to the story of Hidden Fortune adds over two hours of all-new swashbuckling content, including eight puzzle-based Quests, six skins for your Wand and Orbs, and two new lush areas, as well as beautiful upgrades to art and UI in both Chapters. Wielding the Gear VR Controller as your trusty wand, you must fish for sunken loot, brew noxious grog, and explore exotic environments to reveal what happened to this once-idyllic isle. Between the balmy beaches and swaying palms, you’ll feel like you could stay forever, and this strange island may be all too willing to grant your wish!


When we at Archiact were tasked with concepting a fresh new game for VR, we drew upon two sources of inspiration: our extensive experience in the hidden object genre, and a desire to breathe new life into a classic game style. The notion of exploration and object-discovery in a completely virtual world drove us to create Hidden Fortune. From the very start, we wanted to make sure we got this game right. Through multiple prototyping sessions across three development cycles, we pinned down what mechanics and puzzles worked best. These discoveries were packed into the game, along with a fun, charming art style, and a story full of characters that make us laugh.


  • If you already own Hidden Fortune, Shanty Seas is yours to download for free!
  • Have yet to pick Hidden Fortune up? You can now download Chapter One for free, with Chapter Two available for $5.99 USD
  • Be lured to a mysterious island, featuring two unique areas to explore, each with interactive elements, easter eggs, and other spooky secrets.
  • 8 new Quests to conquer, complete with 24 tiered challenges. Some are magical, some musical, and some downright mischievous.
  • Even more skins for your Wand and Orbs, including the majestic Unichrome!
  • Improvements to Chapter One and the Lobby. We added gorgeous upgrades to art and UI, as well as an all-new shiny travel system to streamline your virtual world-hopping.


Shanty Seas Trailer YouTube

Mystic Mastery Update YouTube

Launch Trailer YouTube

Trailer Announcement YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "“…a great example of why Hidden Object games work so well in VR.”"
    - VR Staff, The VR Shop
  • "“It’s a VR title which works great and also excels at feeling original and fresh.”"
    - Gary Dewfield, theVRgrid

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About Archiact

Archiact is a premium virtual and augmented reality studio headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with an additional office located in Shanghai, China. Archiact specializes in virtual reality game development, publishing, and custom business solutions. As the host of CVR, North America’s first consumer-facing VR/AR/MR conference and expo, Archiact actively powers the growth of the VR industry for both businesses and customers alike. Founded in 2013, Archiact is now one of the world’s largest dedicated immersive reality studios.

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