Chapter 2: Shanty Seas

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Departing Outcast Cove, you and your wizardly grandfather have set sail for the high seas, where a lone desert island lures you with promise of pirate treasure hoards. Your grandfather insists the isle has long been abandoned, but you swear you can hear otherworldly notes of music floating just above the crashing waves, and that nearby pirate ship probably didn’t sink itself…

Virtual Land Ahoy!

This huge expansion to the story of Hidden Fortune adds over two hours of all-new swashbuckling content, including eight puzzle-based quests, six skins for your wand and orb, and two new lush areas, as well as beautiful upgrades to art and UI in both chapters. Wielding the Gear VR Controller as your trusty wand, you must fish for sunken loot, brew noxious grog, and explore exotic environments to reveal what happened to this once-idyllic isle. Between the balmy beaches and swaying palms, you’ll feel like you could stay forever, and this strange island may be all too willing to grant your wish!

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